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Our Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

1. Be present
Life is about savoring the beauty of each moment. The stunning LIFE cuffs by model and jewelry designer Larissa Bond are inspired by just that. Wear one as a daily reminder to appreciate what matters most in your life: love, health, your family and friends, and your hopes and dreams.

2. Spend more time in nature.
spend time in nature

With collections highlighting Iceland’s moss-covered lava fields, the beautiful swan, and the stoic falcon, Aurum’s jewelry inspired by the beauty of Iceland reminds us of the beauty all around us.

3. Stay grounded.

Featuring a heritage of traditional lace design with modern textile technology, Blackwood Batteau’s lace cuffs remind us to stay grounded despite the constant influx of information, communication and technology.

4. Have more fun.

Don’t take yourself too seriously this year. Grab a pair of oversized sunglasses by the fascinating duo Coco and Breezy. We dare you not to have fun when sporting these!

5. Dress to impress.

Just a few key pieces can reinvigorate your look – not to mention your overall outlook. Dress to feel good about yourself and the rest will follow. These gorgeous chain necklaces by d’ANDELOT will help you make a bold and lasting statement.

6. Spread positive energy.

It’s hard to argue against this one. The agate stones in Big Rock Envy’s necklace designs are attributed with a range of positive emotional effects. Let these beautiful necklaces serve as inspiration and spread the good karma wherever you go.

7. Travel.

Everyone needs an escape now and then – a week, or at least a weekend, of rest and relaxation. We recommend the beach! When you’re wandering the streets of a small Greek seaside village or on a beach in the Caribbean, don’t forget your fabulous sandals by LilyP.

8. Reinvigorate your wardrobe.
reinvigorate your wardrobe

Stop neglecting those incredible pieces you haven’t worn in years. They deserve a comeback! One of the easiest ways to freshen up an outfit, or your look for the season, is a new do-it-all handbag. It goes with everything and you’ll feel fabulous without spending money on a whole new wardrobe this season. We’re loving the lush Italian leather bags from new kid on the block St. Nicola.

9. Indulge.

We all need to indulge now and again: a spa day, a full glass of wine with your favorite movie, a special vacation, or a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry. Katie Decker’s silver and gold collection items will blow you away.

10. Renew your sense of wonder.

We think it’s important to maintain our childlike wonder – open and creative with a dash of awe. The playful and clean designs by Porcelain and Stone reveal a natural awe at the beauty of the ocean, of organic materials, and naturally occurring designs. Kimberly Huestis practices the art of ceramics to bring us these stunning and simple pieces inspired by the natural world.

So no excuses this year! Decide what’s important to you and stick with those resolutions. And if a gorgeous piece of jewelry or handmade accessory can brighten up your wardrobe while inspiring your day, all the better :)




Touch of Fabulous at MORE Magazine’s Girls’ Night Out

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We had a fabulous evening at MORE Magazine’s annual Girls’ Night Out at the DREAM Downtown Hotel. The event featured mini makeovers by Shiseido, book signing with Lyss Stern of Diva Moms, relationship and dating advice from Laurie Davis, founder … Continue reading

Three Summer Wedding Accessories

Source: primadonnabride.co.za

Source: primadonnabride.co.za

It’s that time of year again, ladies.

That’s right. Just as the weather’s continually getting warmer each and every day and our calendar is slowly but surely filling up with weekend getaways, BBQs and trips… it’s time to head to another family or friend’s summer wedding!

No matter what your true feelings are about weddings (some people live for them and some of us dread them!), you have to admit that one of the fun(ner) aspects about heading to a summer wedding is planning the perfect summer appropriate warm weather (and more formal than usual!) ensemble!

So, we’ve come up with a few unique designer accessory ideas that will allow you to look and feel great at any formal summer wedding.

First up, a great neutral designer clutch is your best friend because you can use it more than once (should you have more than one wedding to attend this summer, like many of us do!) and it will go with more than one outfit. We think the Isabella clutch (in beige) from Alexandra de Curtis, with its classic shape and embossed leather, is the perfect choice to take you through wedding season in style!


No matter what you plan on wearing, you simply can’t go wrong with a fun gold color bracelet! The Wave bangle from Vinnie Day is the perfect bold statement with a hint of whimsy. Whether you decide to wear some more on the formal side like this Tadashi Shoji lace and tulle dress or go more bohemian with this Betsey Johnson print maxi dress, the Wave bangle is the ultimate unique designer bracelet that will work beautifully with anything!

wave bangle

Lastly, if your fancy dress or skirt is too busy for a necklace or bracelet and you’re looking to add a bit of intrigue up top, a great pair of unique designer earrings like the Kyanite earrings from LilyP are a beautiful shade of blue that would add a hint of dark tropical beauty to any summer palette.


So, there you have it ladies. A few lovely unique designer accessories to help you get through these next few months of weddings (or showers, bachelorette parties, etc!) in true style.


Travel Tuesday: Getaway to Exotic Bali

Source: cheap-weekend-getaways.net

Source: cheap-weekend-getaways.net

Now that summer has officially arrived, it’s time to get serious about vacation planning!

One of the top vacation hotspots for 2013 is Bali (in Indonesia, for those of you who need a little geographic reminder!).

Famed as the “island of the Gods”, Bali is a beautiful island 2 km off the eastern tip of Java. With its “varied landscape of hills and mountains, rugged coastlines and sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides all providing a picturesque backdrop”, the summer months are the perfect time to go as the humidity is at its lowest (bonus!).

With the famous Mount Agung over in East Bali and Jimbaran housing many luxurious seaside resorts, there are truly a million things to see and do when visiting a far-off place like Bali.

Now that you have a place in mind for vacation, there are also a few unique designer essentials you can bring along to help your trip go off without a hitch!

First off, you’re going to need a sturdy (yet stylish!) bag to help carry all of your little travel essentials. The Dalexander’s New York Contemporary bag (in black) is a great choice for you or your hubby (it’s dark – so it works for anyone!) and it’s fitted with several zippered compartments with an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. This could be your next go-to designer tote for traveling as it’s the ideal size for a nice carry-on bag!

alex lopez bag

Secondly, it’s always a great idea to pack a big statement piece (accessory-wise) that you can swap out with just about anything you’ve packed. The Big Rock Envy Quaint Agate necklace is a beautiful multi-colored stone necklace that not only looks gorgeous, but is also packed with all the healing abilities (courage, protection, balance) that agate has to offer (which is a definite plus for all you anxious travelers out there!).

quaint necklace

And lastly, you can’t hit the Bali beaches without a great pair of unique designer sandals in tow! The Apollonia sandal from LilyP is an exotic and stylish piece of summer footwear that features large Swarovski and rondelle crystals, Greek ceramic beads and genuine mink. Handmade in Greece with the sandal upper covered in genuine suede for the ultimate feel of luxury, these unique designer beauties can take you from the beach to the bar with no effort at all!

apollonia sandal

Check out our piece on traveling to Patagonia, if you’re looking for a chillier vacation spot this summer!

Source: desiphotos123.blogspot.ca

Source: desiphotos123.blogspot.ca

Summer 2013 Trend: Go Lush & Green

Source: collegefashion.net

Source: collegefashion.net

For this summer 2013 season, fashionistas everywhere are busting out their green accessories!

We totally love the idea of green in the summer time because it reminds us of being outside, fresh cut grass and just all the pretty things that grow outdoors when the weather gets nice and warm.

So, true to Touch of Fabulous nature, we’ve come up with a few of our fave unique designer items that are green, earthy, bright and full of life!

First off, we thought the Saako Classic Scarf-lace (in forest green) would be the ultimate summer accessory for those cooler nights that sneak up every now and then! Inherently tactile and vibrant, the founders of Saako found a way to transform the famous ribbed Jersey fabric into a unique designer ‘scarf-lace’ that simply begs to be touched (and seen).

green scarf-lace

Second up, the Mayberry Emerald Circlet earrings are the perfect pair of unique designer earrings to add a touch of bohemian flair to just about any summer ensemble! These chandelier style earrings made with stunning emerald green onyx are weaved together in intricate circles that frame a beautiful green onyx teardrop. You can easily pair these beauties with your favorite long flowy skirt to create the ultimate carefree summer look!

emerald circle earrings

And our last favorite green unique designer accessory is the LilyP Kalypso necklace (in apple green). Handmade with a sterling silver neck ring with a cascading waterfall of bright apple green resin beads and flowers, this unique necklace is perfect for the summer party girl who’s hitting the town (and wants to turn some heads).

kalypso necklace

Now that you have three green unique designer accessories to help you sail through summer in style, head on over to our Facebook page and let us know what your go-to color is for summer!

3 Accessories to Spring into Summer!

Source: treasuresandthings.blogspot.com

Source: treasuresandthings.blogspot.com

Since we’re getting into the last few weeks of spring, we thought it might be nice to feature a few accessories that you can easily transition into the summer months (which is less than a month away now! Hurray!).

These unique designer items are great with the warmer temperatures, yet still work well if we happen to get the odd cooler day as well (which, let’s face it, is bound to happen!).

First up are the Coco and Breezy Zesiro sunglasses (in tortoise shell). A part of the Omorose Collection, we love these unique designer shades because of the distinctive shape and the overall ‘retro glamour’ feel. You can easily pair these with any spring or summer ensemble and feel absolutely fabulous to spend a day out on the town!

Zesiro sunglasses

You simply can’t make it through the warm spring and summer months without a great new pair of sandals! We are loving the Idra sandals by LilyP because not only are platforms and wedges all the rage for this summer 2013 season, but the black with the beautiful Swarovski crystal, ceramic and mink jewelry embellishments really set these unique designer sandals apart (from all others!).

Idra sandal

And lastly, you don’t find that many unique designer handbags that transition well from season to season, but the Odette handbag from Jamin Puech is definitely one of them. Made with great neutral leathers, this designer handbag is a versatile pick for the warmer months because it will easily fit all your essentials (and look great while doing so!).

Odette handbag

Now that you’re all set with three great unique designer items that you can easily transition into the summer months, it’s time to start planning fun things to do July through August!

How to Wear a Statement Necklace

Source: estherllike.blogspot.com

Source: estherllike.blogspot.com

Statement necklaces are a great way to add life and a focus to any ensemble in your closet. And since summer is right before us, it’s the perfect excuse to keep your statement necklaces bright, sparkly and completely attention grabbing!

Since statement necklaces work to add a little glitz and interest to an outfit and really pull things together, it’s best to opt for a simple blouse or LBD that will only help your unique necklace to shine.

So, to help you really take the plunge and discover the beauty of a statement necklace, we’ve come up with a few great unique designer ideas that will help you get through these next few months in true style!

First up, to achieve a true sense of stylish simplicity the Jen Mood Collier Passieg necklace (in white) is a great statement necklace that would look amazing over your favorite black blouse, t-shirt or dress. Made from plant based environmentally friendly materials (bonus!), simply slip this show-stopping necklace on over a bright colored summer tee and you’ve instantly made a statement!

white necklace

Second, the LilyP Amethyst Crystal and Pearl necklace is a unique designer statement necklace that’s a great choice for the summer months. Made with amethyst color crystals and natural pearls, this unique necklace is a great piece of fashion jewelry that will instantly add dimension to any outfit (and it’s neutral enough to be appropriate for work too!).

lilyp amethyst necklace

This last statement necklace is for the girl who’s not afraid of danger and loves the whole spikes and studs trend (that is sticking around for some time now and we just can’t get enough of it!). The Merle O’Grady Bombshell necklace (in pearl) is a stunning piece of unique designer jewelry that will become your go-to statement necklace if you’re looking to add a little (delicate!) edge to your summer wardrobe.

bombshell necklace

A great tip to remember if you’re sporting an eye-catching necklace this summer is to keep your other jewelry minimal and muted to really allow your statement necklace to speak for itself!

Three Ways to Spice Up Your White Tee

Source: fitfashion.co.uk

Source: fitfashion.co.uk

With spring in the air (and summer on the way!), you may be sporting a lot of t-shirts because they’re so easy to throw on and go with pretty much anything.

Although white tees may be the most versatile article of clothing in a woman’s closet, sometimes they can tend to get a bit on the bland side.

That is exactly why we’ve come up with three great unique designer accessories that will easily spice up any white t-shirt you throw on (plus, they’ll instantly add a little intrigue and interest!).

First up, throwing on a great scarf with your white tee will instantly add color and texture to a fair palette. The Saako classic scarf-lace (in pink and green) is a versatile accessory that can be worn in four different ways. Handmade in forest green, hot pink, tan and brown, this is one unique designer accessory that will effortlessly brighten up any white tee in a big way!


Next, if you’re looking to add your own little personal touch, the Crystal Spike Pendant necklace (in Pink/Gold) by Merle O’Grady is the perfect choice. This unique necklace in pink with a 14 karat chain is a great accessory to add just the right amount of edge and color to any white tee in your collection!

crystal spike necklace

Lastly, if you’re looking to add something big and bold to your white tee, the Kalypso necklace by LilyP (in apple green) is guaranteed to make you shine! This unique designer sterling silver neck ring with a waterfall of green apple resin beads and flowers is the ideal necklace to throw on to spice up your white t-shirt for a night out on the town!

Kalypso necklace

Check out some white t-shirt looks (with something for everyone!), here on Obaz.

Spring 2013 Trend: Let’s Go Mod!

Source: fancydresscostumeshop.ie

Source: fancydresscostumeshop.ie

With the beginning of March now underway, it’s safe to finally start saying the S word… Spring!

And with the change of season (though we’re not entirely there yet, but it’s hopefully on its way!), comes new seasonal trends that help to make the transition that much more fun.

For this upcoming Spring, we’re finding that the Mod 1960’s are back in a major way. Think checkerboard, stripes, bold sunglasses and bright pops of color (along with lots of black and white too, of course!).

We came up with a few fun unique designer items you can find on Touch of Fabulous that will instantly update you to Mod glam status!

First up are the Thema oversized sunglasses from the Omorose collection by Coco and Breezy. Stylish and versatile, these oversized luxury unique designer sunglasses with their bold lines are able to transcend time and bring us to an era where the Mod glamour of the 1960’s is back in full effect!


We love thinking of bold accessories when it comes to picking up on this trend, so we thought the Silk Kalypso necklace by LilyP is a great unique designer accessory to bring us back to a time when things were overstated (and everyone enjoyed it!). Made with a sterling silver ring with a waterfall of white silky resin beads and flowers, this courageous and unique necklace would allow you to add a hint of the Mod 60’s to any ensemble!

necklace LilyP

Lastly, you can’t take full advantage of the Mod trend without the help of a great unique designer clutch. The Sabrina clutch (in yellow) by Alexandra de Curtis with the beautiful contrasting colors not only blends cool angles (which the Mod 1960’s were all about!), but is the perfect size to become your favorite everyday carry-all for all occasions!

clutch yellow and blackNow, there you have three great unique designer accessories that can help you turn your wardrobe upside down for a little while as you appreciate the chaotic yet beautiful nature that came from the Mod 1960’s!

Three Winter Wedding Must-Haves

Source: bridalweddings.blogspot.ca

Source: bridalweddings.blogspot.ca

We just love a good winter wedding!

Yes, we do understand that there’s quite a difference between a good old fashioned (and perhaps slightly hot and sticky!) summer wedding, but in the winter time, there’s also so much beauty in the air with the snow, cozy fireplaces and dark evenings.

If you have a winter wedding coming up in the next few weeks, we have a few great unique designer accessories that will help you to be beautiful, timeless and ready to enjoy a winter’s night of romance!

If remaining understated is your thing for a wedding, than putting on a beautiful ring as your signature piece of unique designer jewelry for the evening is a great idea! The Ivy wrap ring by Katie Decker is a feminine and striking unique designer piece of fine jewelry that pairs beautifully with the Ivy hoops. Made to complement your finest wedding attire, this 18 karat yellow gold (with .42 cts diamond) would look absolutely gorgeous resting on your finger at your next big winter wedding!


Or if you’re looking to add a little sparkle to your ears, these Three drop earrings by LilyP are a surefire way to brighten up a romantic winter’s day! Made with 3-drop Swarovski Crystal and resin earrings in yellow canary, these delicate unique designer handmade earrings would beautifully top off your favorite LBD!

LilyP earrings

If you’re on the hunt for a great little designer clutch that will really allow your whole winter wedding ensemble to come together, the Rita clutch (in espresso) by Alexandra de Curtis is a delicate and refined choice. Made from top quality leather with an elegant gold closure, this unique designer clutch is the perfect little carry-all for a night of drinks and dancing while celebrating love!


There you have three unique designer and romantic accessory ideas to help you enjoy yourself and really get your party on at your next winter wedding!